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Bathroom Remodeling

Leo and Rene can create the bathroom of your dreams. Together, We will go step by step and discuss the timetable and costs upfront. The first thing you really need to do is devise a bathroom plan that fits your budget.   The following stages of remodeling can help you figure out what best suits your needs.

Surface Alterations
If you like the general layout and size of the bathroom and the structure supporting the bathroom, you will be able to spend the least amount of money on surface alterations.

Change Layout
When changing the layout in a bathroom, you are dealing with the underlying structure of plumbing and the electrical system.  Our professional advise can help you come up with a plan that will make sense and be cost effective for your budget.

Complete Tear-Out / Remodel
This plan takes careful detailing.  Since bathrooms collect moisture, there is a good chance you may have to replace drywall. Bathrooms require a special moisture-resistent drywall commonly called "green board." The very wet areas like showers and baths also require a moisture-proof backer board. Hopefully, you won't need to replace anything beyond the wallboard. If the wall stud and joists are bad, they may need to be reinforced or completely replaced.

Shower and Tub Repair, Refinishing, or Replacement

This is a popular reason on why people want to remodel their bathroom.  If the worst thing is a few cracks, it is possible to self-repair your acrylic or fiberglass shower/tub for very little money. For many homeowners, though, the surface might be stained and discolored, so tub refinishing would be in order.

If your tub is beyond repair and refinishing, it is possible to install a bathtub liner - which is an "overcoat" for your.  If that is not an option, we may discuss building a tiled shower.

Bathroom Flooring
Because of the great amount of moisture in bathrooms, you can't just choose any kind of flooring.  A perennial favorite is ceramic tile, but laminate flooring and engineered flooring also do the trick. Hardwood flooring should be avoided at all costs because it does not do well with moisture.